Different Strokes For Different Folks

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Different Strokes For Different Folks

1.        Jesus was the great initiator.  He made the 1st move - took the 1st step.

-          That means at times that we will be made uncomfortable or put in awkward situations for the greatest cause in the world.

-          That means that we will wrestle with people’s sin.  We do not have the luxury of standing back and clicking our tongues.  Sin binds people and creates a complexity within their lives that they truly become bound to.

-          A godly Christlike love accepts people as they are without qualification.  The act of accepting people in no way condones their sin.  It rather gives them hope to rise above life’s circumstances rather than wasting energy in defending themselves.

2.       Sometimes people outside of the church doors have a better idea of the way we should live then we do.  Jews do not associate with Samaritans - The world knows when we do what we are not supposed to do.  They love it when we fail.  Makes them feel better about their own failure.  They are impacted when we do the good that we are not expected to do.

3.       Jesus knew how to ask the right questions.  He was a Master of the question.  We will often get farther by asking good questions than by giving them answers.  What is an answer without a question?  4 - what is that?  Simple answer to a simple question if someone is asking it.  Just a number if people are not asking.  The words of Christ made people thirsty.

4.       Jesus knew how to read people’s hearts.  Recognized the areas of dissatisfaction that people come to accept and spoke to them. He heard what they were really saying.

-          He saw a woman whose life was defined by her routine.

-          He saw a woman who was confined by her routine.

-          He saw a woman who was relationally dissatisfied.


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