Both And

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Both And

Sunday August 3, 2008

Either Or

North American Christians – The Great Divide

Liberal Conservative
Mainline Evangelical
Focus on Here and Now Focus on Heaven and Hell
Social Responsibility Personal Holiness / Spirituality
Social Action, Justice Issues Evangelism

Both And

A Growing Sense Everywhere

These Belong Together

Scripture Passages

Micah 6:8; Act 4:32-35; Gal 6:7-10; Jam 1:27-2:1

Dangers of Either Or

Complaints of Both Sides Make Good Points!

Mainline Evangelical
Reduced to Human Project Miss Much of “God's Dream”
Adopt Values of World Disengaged from World
Hard to Maintain Motivation Passion Selfishly Aimed
Burnt Out Self Absorbed

Deep Change is Hard

Our History – Evangelical Side

Conscious Effort to Turn Outward

Some Steps We Have Taken

Dream up more!


Take it Home! In your church roots which was emphasized more, personal holiness and spirituality or social action and justice issues? Which do you think should be emphasized?What is good about each of these emphases? What is not so good?For your life to be in a healthy balance what should you emphasize more? Less?What could we do as a church family to become more outwardly focussed?Take It Home – Take this home and use these questions to think about the ideas shared today. It is even better if you can use these questions in a conversation with someone else.

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