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Fix Your Gaze

Sunday May 18, 2008                                      Heb 12:1-3


Fix Your Gaze (Heb 12:1-3)

Eye Impact – Reading Ads

Desires – Examples

Food, Sex, Pain-Avoidance

Violence, Pleasure, Comfort, Security, Power, Possessions, Popularity, Significance, Beauty

Desires – Good or Bad?

Old View – Desires Bad

Common New View – All Desires Should be Indulged

Suggested View – Neither Good or Bad In Themselves

Desires ­– Principles

·         Are Not Irresistible

·         Are Suggestions – Choice, Followed, Indulged

·         Can Be Awakened or Fanned

·         Can Become Functionally Irresistible

o   Intensity

o   Habits

Fix Your Gaze

·         Our Ultimate Freedom

·         Starting at the Right Place

·         The Power of Positive Doubt

·         What Are You Looking At?                              Heb 12:1-3

·         Desire For God                                                Psalm 63


Take it Home! How much do you think advertising and the media affect you?What would you consider some good desires?What would you consider some bad desires?What makes a desire good or bad?Is it bad for you to not give in to a desire?What habit have you developed recently? How did  it happen?What false belief should you be doubting?What activities feed or “fan” your negative desires?What activities feed or “fan” your desire for God?What helps you get your attention on God?    Take It Home – Take this home and use these questions to think about the ideas shared today. It is even better if you can use these questions in a conversation with someone else.

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