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Sunday May 25, 2008                    Gen 3:1-7; Matt 4:1-11

Meditations on Desire

Advertising and Desire

·         Start with Advertizing

·         Move to Reflections on Desires

Key Idea

·         Desires Awakened by What We See

·         Desires Make Us Vulnerable to Manipulation

The Point

·         How Desires Work

·         Why That Matters


·         Who Benefits?

·         What Does It Cost?

·         What Higher Good is Missed?


·         The Two Core Temptation Stories

·         Substance Abuse

·         The Con

·         Sexual Sin

·         Self Pity

What To Do?

Long Range

·         Start Before the Moment of Temptation

Big View

·         Think of Long Term Impact

·         Learn “God’s Dream” and How Your Life Fits

Learn Who

·         To Doubt

·         To Trust

Take it Home! Have you ever been tricked?Have you ever bought something that did not deliver what it promised? Consider some ads. What is the product they are selling, and what are the desires they are appealing to? Here is one example – In some car ads the product is a car, but the appeal is to desire for popularity or a particular image.Apply these Questions to some Temptations:•    Who Benefits?•    What Does It Cost?•    What Higher Good is Missed?Do you have certain desires which are especially vulnerable to manipulation?How can you keep from being duped by temptation? What has helped the most so far?    Take It Home – Take this home and use these questions to think about the ideas shared today. It is even better if you can use these questions in a conversation with someone else.

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