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Life After Life After Death

Sunday September 21, 2008

The Resurrection of the Body

The Apostles Creed

A Hard Concept For Many ...

·         Some Early Christians Denied                        1 Co 15:12

·         Some Re-Interpreted                 2 Ti 2:17-18; 2 Th 2:1-2

·         Some Greeks Found it Strange                   Acts 17:18-21

·         Some Sneered                                              Acts 17:32

·         Some Jews Mocked                                 Luke 20:27-40

Bodies and Souls

Resurrection of Body vs Immortality of Soul

Seeds and Plants

Resurrection of Body vs Resuscitation or Reanimation

·         Immortality of Soul Defines Death

·         Resuscitation Delays Death

·         Resurrection Defeats Death

Life After Life After Death

Resurrection of Body vs Going to Heaven When You Die

·         Two Stage Process

·         Resurrection of the Body (Life After Life After Death)

o   Joh 11:24; 1 Co 15:52

·         Between Death and Resurrection (Life After Death)

o   Luke 23:43; John 14:2; Phi 1:23; 2 Co 5:8

So What?

Overall Philosophy – Engagement and Spirituality

Picture of God – Good Creator, Promise Keeper

Take it Home! When you hear the phrase ‘Life After Death’ what comes to mind?Have the ideas shared about resurrection challenged any of your previous assumptions about the Christian hope? How so?What practical difference has your understanding of the Christian hope made in your day to day life?What difference should it make?Take It Home – Take this home and use these questions to think about the ideas shared today. It is even better if you can use these questions in a conversation with someone else.

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