Phil 4

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Phil 4:6-9

First Activity – Identifying Our Anxiety

Focus – Phil 4:6a

Have to See it before we can Change it

·         Sometimes it is Obvious

·         Sometimes it is Buried

Help Identifying Our Anxiety

·         What Are We Thinking About Constantly

·         What Do We Talk About Whenever Possible

·         Trouble Sleeping

·         First Thought When We Wake Up

·         Dreams

·         Extra Jumpy

·         Unconscious Actions

·         Avoiding Behaviours

Second Activity – Make Your Request

Focus – Phil 4:6b

Stewing è Vague Praying   è Specific Request

·         What Do You Want?

·         Bring Your Insight into the Bible

·         Bring Your Insight into God’s Character

·         Bring Your Insight into God’s Ways

Third Activity – Think About This ...

Focus – Phil 4:8

This Week – Think About This ...

Last Week – Seek First the Kingdom ...

·         Filling the Mind

·         Aiming the Mind

·         Using the Imagination


An Imagination – Brainstorming Experience

The Kingdom of God

Definitions – What God Wants Here and Now

May Your Kingdom Come

     May Your Will be Done

     On Earth as in Heaven                                            Jesus

The range of God’s effective will. Where what God wants done is done.            Dallas Willard

What would this [fill in the blank] look like if God were in charge       NT Wright

Pictures – from the Prophets

·         Leaders - Fair, Righteous, Truth

·         Oppression - Freedom, Overthrow Tyrants

·         Poverty - Food, Prosperity, Independence

·         War - Peace, Reroute Resources

·         Sickness & Death - Healing, Resurrection

·         Harm and Fear - Safe and Secure

·         Knowledge of God – Earth Full

·         Corruption of Earth - New Heaven & Earth

The Question

What Would it look like if the Kingdom of God came a little bit more?

Closing – Put It Into Practice

Focus – Phil 4:8

·         Learned

·         Received

·         Heard

·         Seen

·         Practice

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