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Words – What and Why

Sunday June 22, 2008                                                     

Today’s Project

·         Scriptures – about our Words

·         The What – Practical Instructions

·         The Why – Picture of God, People, Life

Scripture – Our Words

Read Passages – Notice the “Whats”

·         Eph 5:4; Col 3:17

·         Col 3:8-11

·         Eph 4:25; 1 Tim 4:11-12;

·         2 Cor 6:3-10; Col 4:5-6

Who God Is

Out of Place / Thankful – God’s Grace

Do All – God Centred Life

Who We Are

Since You Have – Given a New Start

Connected to Each Other

Members of One Body – Part of Each Other

Benefit – Our Words Can Benefit Others

Set An Example – We Are Influenced and Influence

Our Commission

No Stumbling Block – We Influence Others Perception of God

Full of Grace – Help Others See What God is Like

What to Do?

Get the Picture!

Take it Home! List some of your personal, family or group “rules” or expectations. It should be pretty easy to list WHAT those rules or expectations are. Then try to determine WHY you have those particular rules or expectations.Does making these lists uncover anything important that you should think about more?           Take It Home – Take this home and use these questions to think about the ideas shared today. It is even better if you can use these questions in a conversation with someone else.

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