You Must

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You Must!

Sunday January 6, 2008


·         The Way of Jesus

·         The Logic of Obedience

Ephesians 4:17-5:20

Do Not Why Do Instead
Live Like Gentiles– Sensuality, Indulgence, Impurity, Lust · New self, Created to be like God · Be Made New in Attitude of Mind
Falsehood  · Members of one body · Speak truthfully
Anger  · Foothold for devil · Don’t let sun go down on anger
Stealing    · Work with hands· Give to needy
Unwholesome Talk  · Grieve the Spirit · Helpful· Building Up· Give Grace
Bitterness, Rage, Anger, Brawling, Slander, Malice · God forgave you· You are dearly loved children· Christ loved us· Christ gave himself up for us · Be Kind· Compassionate· Forgive· Imitate God
Sexual ImmoralityImpurityGreed · Improper for God’s holy people· God’s Wrath · Expose darkness· Find out what pleases the Lord
Obscenity, Foolish Talk, Coarse Joking · Out of Place· Children of Light · Thanksgiving 
Drunkenness  · Useless or profitless activity · Filled with Spirit· Speak, Sing, Give Thanks

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