(08-03-01) Evangelism

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Worship – Evangelism – Justice

·      Little bit of clearing up!

o  asking questions, not giving answers

o  encourage to do the same

§  please butt in!

§  amateur

·      theologian and magician!

·      Area of personal weakness

·      What is evangelism?

o  do something with the Gospel

2 Kings 7

·      What is the Gospel?

o  Jesus’ Gospel is the Kingdom

§  Matt 24:14

§  Acts 28:30-31

§  and many others

o  the NT writers; Gospel is Jesus

§  Mark 1:1

·      Jesus is the Kingdom

·      Church growth and Kingdom growth

o  faith and number

§  “My job is to worship God, His job is to grow the Church”

§  all shaped / formed by our own experience

·      theologically

·      methodologically

§  introducing people to Jesus;

·      Son of the Father

·      giver of the Spirit

§  for what purpose?

·      must there be conversion?

·      It is something to do

Matt 28:18-20

§  ‘…as you are going…’

o  who should do it?

§  ‘evangelists’?

§  Christians? (back to 2 Kings?)

o  part of discipleship

·      How do we do it?

proclaiming with words

§  explaining the cross?

·      Paul in the Aeropagus

acts of loving kindness

§  demonstrating God’s love?

·      healing?

·      much of Acts

pointing to God’s glory

§  John the Baptist

§  awareness of / caring for creation?

·      Evangelism and justice

o  evangelism and signs and wonders / healing

§  miracles and justice

o  evangelism and caring for the poor

§  caring for the poor and justice

o  evangelism and stewardship

§  stewardship and justice

·      Conceptually

o  sharing good news as justice

§  unmerited grace!

·      more on this later!

·      Evangelism and worship (relatively limited to ‘corporate’)

o  praise and declaration

o  intimacy and exemplifying relationship

o  Dr Lockeridge: ‘My King’ – worship?

§  “do you know Him?”

·      Conceptually

o  sharing good news as worship

§  more on this later too!

·      Efficacy?

o  must there be conversion?

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