(08-09-02) The Transfiguration - Luke 9.28-36 (Penrodyn)

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Luke 9:28-36

Cerro Chirripó, Costa Rica. Both oceans at the same time. Hard going up, even harder coming down.

Story in context

Peter declares Jesus is the Messiah; Jesus tells His disciples he’s going to die; the Transfiguration then the demon-possessed boy is restored.

Jesus’ mountain-top experiences come closely followed by reminders of what lies ahead of him – and His disciples. The greatest moments of our lives of faith are often if not always followed by the lows.

Chris Cottee – depression

This has led many to be wary of the highs. Too good to be true. Yet they were true to Jesus, and maybe even essential. His Father’s affirmation as a source of strength for the task at hand.

Tom Wright – understand the mountain-top in the light of the hill-top (Calvary) and vice-versa. Here, glory; there, shame. White clothes; stripped off and gambled for. Moses and Elijah; two criminals. A bright cloud; darkness. Peter glorifies; Peter has denied. God identifies Jesus as His Son; pagan soldier declares Jesus is God’s Son. The same Jesus, two very different situations. Jesus is in both.

In our good times, and in our bad times (and in our normal times!) Jesus is there.

When we are confused by highs and lows, the voice the Disciple’s heard is the one we need to hear; “This is my son; listen to him.”

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