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010200 New Year’s Restitution Many of our finest intentions fail because we are at odds with people.  We cannot be at home with God and estranged from our neighbor.
010900 Personal Equilibrium, Maintaining the Delicate Balance So often we are stressed and harried by life and it’s pressures.  There is a way that we can take control and manage life rather than letting it run us.  (Diagram)
011600 The Wind Beneath My Wings – Passion & Vision Our service to God is above and beyond expectation if it springs from a personal passion and vision for ministry that God gives based on our gifts and abilities.  What could you do passionately for Him?
012300 Neighborlink Emphasis
013099 No Pain, No GainThe Case for Personal Discipline There is personal cost for everything in life that we desire.  It is no more than what we are willing to give for what we want.
111499 Things You Can’t Afford To Forget A look at some key bits of wisdom that are essential to healthy living and spiritual vitality.
112199 One Is The Loneliest Number It is true that we take much for granted and we “never miss the water until . . . .”  Loneliness can be one of the most painful states that people experience.  How can we find our way out?  How can the church be instrumental in ministering to lonely people?
112899 The Christmas Checklist Most of us are anticipating the things that will need to be done within the next few weeks but is your checklist complete?  It may be that the most important things are being lost in our thoroughness.
120599 Whatever Happened to the Good News? The angel enthusiastically announced the news of Jesus birth as something good for all men.  Has something been lost in the translation over the years?
121299 Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee?? “Rejoice in the Lord always.”  Is this really a possibility?  How do we recapture that element that is the strength of our spiritual lives?
121999 Choir Cantata  
122699 Whose Birthday Is This Anyway? If this is truly a celebration of the birth of Christ then why are we so consumed with what everyone else gets.  I wonder what gifts Christ would want for Hid Birthday?

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