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More Of God’s Ways

Isaiah 55:1-13

1.  The Invitation – vs. 1-3a

Ø      The gospel is always, clearly, an invitation to come.  We distort it’s very nature when we try to make it anything else.

2.  The Illustration – vs. 3b-5.

Ø      Isaiah cites David as an example of the way that he works in people’s lives when the accept His invitation and strive to follow His ways

Ø      Witness

Ø      Leader

Ø      Commander -

3.  The Exhortation – vs. 6-7

Ø      Don’t miss the opportunity -  It will not always be there.

Ø      Different way of life.  There will definitely be changes that God will make.

Ø      Different way of thinking.  Our way of living proceeds from our way of thinking.

4.  The Explanation – vs. 8-11

Ø      We think differently than God does.

Ø      We do things differently than God does.

Ø      His purpose will never be thwarted.

5.  The Expectation – vs. 12-13

Ø      Joy

Ø      Peace

Ø       Harmony

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