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October 21, 2007 Sermon Notes:

Have it (purpose, joy, satisfaction happiness, etc.) Now or Have it Later:  You Decide.


Ill:  $1 now or $10 later.  Give Background.  These are not the way to Heaven, but descriptions of Devoted Disciples on the way to heaven.

Reveal Heart’s Condition:

  1. (vv. 20,24)  Those who are poor (in this life) are blessed (Def. – Grace) because they have a future home with God in Heaven. (eternally rich)

*Woe (Def.) =  Those who are rich now will be eternally poor. (Fleeting Position and Possessions)

App:  Which of these describes you?  “You can gain the whole world, but lose your own soul.”  *Christ was poor.

  1. (vv. 21, 25a)  Those who Hunger now are Blessed because they have a future fullness and satisfaction with God in Heaven.

*Woe =  Those who are Full now will be eternally empty.

App:  Are you full now?  Spiritually satisfied with physical things and religious traditions.  “Set your mind on things above.”  Col. 3:1-2

Christ experienced hunger.

  1. Those who weep now are blessed because they will know joy unspeakable with God in Heaven. 

*Woe = Those who are laughing, mocking, and foolish now will be eternally mourning and weeping. 

App:  Does your sin, and the sinfulness of others, and the sinful condition of our world make you weep?  “Godly sorrow leads to repentance.”

Christ wept over Jerusalem, etc.

I11:  Banquet Hall – indoors and outdoors – Four Ways

  1. Those who are persecuted now for the sake of Christ are blessed because they have a Heavenly Reward and a Heavenly Heritage.

*Woe = Those who are liked by everybody now will be eternally separated from all friends, family, and God.  They will be ultimately rejected.

Christ was rejected.

Conclusion:  Rejoice or Repent.  The Cross

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