5/2/42 09/14/08 Titus 1:5-9

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1.   Entice: Matt Cassel: A template for leadership. "You just have to be prepared." For 14 years now, going back to Little League, Matt Cassel has been preparing for this leading role. He has been around terrifically talented players -- now he and the Patriots will discover whether or not he has the capacity for that kind of greatness.

2.   Engage: Churches tend to wait until time to choose new leaders and then the preacher gins up a sermon, the relevant scriptures are posted and everyone makes a "decision". Paul functioned a little bit like the Patriots. Have a template and develop people to fit it. Then when it is time they will be ready to lead.

3.   Excite: There are leaders here. AND we are here to prepare the next generation. To find them and to prepare them, to both model the template and to mold people to fit it.

4.   Expand:

Explore: God needs people of character to lead His Church

Explain: Three marks of the right character, the right stuff.

1.   Impeccable Reputation.6

1.   Beyond Reproach.

2.   In the Home.

3.   In the Public Square

                                  i.        Not Reckless.

                                ii.        Not Rebellious

2.   Unflappable Disposition. 7

1.   Not

                                  i.        Selfish

                                ii.        Temperamental

                               iii.        Addictive

                               iv.        A Bully

                                v.        Greedy

2.   Is

                                  i.        Hospitable

                                ii.        Loves good

                               iii.        Sober-minded

                               iv.        Just

                                v.        Devout

                               vi.        Self-Controlled

3.   Reliable Instruction.

1.   Exhortation.

2.   Correction

Remember! God is less interested in the extent of your teaching than He is with the intent and content.

Shut Down:

1.   Each of us is, or should be trying to become that kind of person. It is true that some are gifted by God's Spirit to be leaders. But the attributes Paul discusses are within our grasp to attain. We can use the materials God gives us to build a life upon this template.

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