The Stone that the Builders rejected (2)

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The Stone That the Builders Rejected

Isaiah 28:16-18

Isaiah 28:16B . . . .Behold I will lay in Zion a stone for a foundation, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation.

The Stone that the Builders Rejected

Let Us Pray

Intro – Isaiah is the spokes person for God in this book.  He was a prophet (one who speaks on behalf of God) and he talked about things that happened 700 years after he was born such as the birth, of Jesus Christ.  He was born of royal lineage and his name "Isaiah" is a Hebrew name which means "Yah (the Lord) is salvation.   His father Amos raised in the fear of God and in the law of the Lord.  His wife was a prophetess (Ish. 8:3) a female or lady spoken person for God.  And they had one son Jashub (Is 8:18).  By his clear foretelling of Christ the Savior, the Prophet Isaiah deserves to be called an Old Testament Evangelist (.An evangelist is one who brings the Good News of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ). 

In the text God says to Isaiah behold (as one who is surprised) by what they see or hear; I lay before you a  foundation.  A foundation is the basic building block of a person, place or thing.  It can be the beginning of the start of a life, relationship, business or career.  This is the laying of a foundation . . .

What your foundation consist of is important When is come to building a life your

foundation should consist of  love (providing) food, clothing, shelter and guidance for the children.  Proverb 22:6 Train up a child in the way . . . , Paul said, follow me as I follow Christ.  We need to have some morals, in our foundation, our children ought not be allowed to were any and everything and if we don’t buy it for them that can wear it.  Let your light son shine.

Everything has a foundation  Every building has a foundation or at least it should have a foundation.  (St. Matthew 7:24-27) A story is told about wise men who build his house on a foundation of stone and one man build on sand (sand is subject to shift), sandy foundations remind me of people, folk will be with you when you are up, when you got something they need or want but don’t let the tides change and the water begins to rise.  You get sick (and stay sick longer than two weeks), or your name end up in the papers for something that not noble, or you lose your job.  You know a house build on a rock is subject to as well, but if the house shift with the foundation than you still have support.  Are you’ll with me.  (Proverbs 18:24)  There are friends who pretend to be friends… but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

You have to believe on your foundation by faith  The foundation of a car is the motor;  the name car come from the Greek word auto (self)  mobile (moving) which means a self moving vehicle.  You cannot not see what cause most cars to move.  But take the motor out you of your car fill it up with gas and see how far you get.  This stone had been tried; a lot of us haven’t been tried (examined, proved, and tested) but my big brother had been tried the (Hebrew 4:15) writer said, we have not a High Priest which cannot be touched with our many infirmities: but was in all points tempted like as we are . . . We walk by faith and not by sight (II Cor. 5:7) For we walk by faith and not by sight.  We are encompassed by a great cloud of witnesses:

We weren’t around when Abraham offered up Isaac (Jehovah Jireh my provider), but I believe it, We weren’t at the Red Sea when Moses straight out his rod (use what you got) over the Red Sea, and the water rolled back, but I believe it, I didn’t see Rahab (a harlot become a hero) hide those spies but I believe it, I didn’t see David when he drew back his sling-shot and dropped Goliath (giant)  wake-up the giant in you and slay your  Goliath (you may feel that you can’t make it) but God has laid in Zion (the place where God is). 

Aren’t you glad that God laid in Zion (in your heart) a stone (His Word) in the ear of your heart that you might realize that storm clouds my rise, billows may flow, but I got a Savior but he’s sweet I know.   Sometimes feel like giving up, I feel like throw in the towel but just the other I watching a boxing classic it was Muhammad Ali verse George Foreman, Foreman was punching Ali up against the rope from the 1st to the 5th round, but fatigue set in on George Foreman and just like Jesus in the grave Friday evening, all day Saturday, it looked like the lights were out for you and me, Jesus laid on the ropes for sin, sick, and misunderstand, but early, right early Sunday morning he got up yes he did . . .

Jesus is the stone laid in Zion, the cornerstone that the builder rejected He became the Chief cornerstone, He is why I got up this morning, he is, Rose of Sharon, He’s my forgiveness, my Alpha and Omega

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