An Overview of Philippians

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Grace Bible Chapel

Sunday, September 26, 2004


An Overview of Philippians

       I.      Introduction

     II.      The tone of the book

               A.    Personal

               B.     Joy

                       1.      Variations

                       2.      Verses

               C.     The Lord Jesus Christ

                       1.      Verses

                       2.      Doctrine

    III.      A book for counselors

               A.    A Christian’s hope in God’s work  (1:6; 2:13)

               B.     A Christian’s growth (1:9-11)

               C.     A Christian’s trials (1:12)

               D.    A Christian’s life and death (1:21,23)

               E.     A Christian’s attitudes and actions (2:1-5,14)

               F.     A Christian’s trust - negative (3:1-6)

               G.    A Christian’s trust - positive (3:7-11)

               H.    A Christian’s lack of perfection (3:12)

               I.      A Christian’s citizenship (3:20)

               J.      A Christian’s rejoicing (4:4)

               K.    A Christian’s dealing with anxiety and peace (4:6-7)

               L.     A Christian’s mind (4:8)

               M.    A Christian’s contentment (4:11-12)

               N.    A Christian’s strength (4:13)

               O.    A Christian’s supply for needs (4:19)

    IV.      A book about Christ

               A.    Our eternal hope (1:19-23)

               B.     Our perfect example (2:5-11)

               C.     Our necessary righteousness (3:7-11)

               D.    Our strong sustainer (4:13, 19)

     V.      An outline of Philippians

               A.    Chapter 1

                       1.      Encouragement to a single mind living for the purpose of serving Christ

                       2.      How to live – Christ, the believer’s life

               B.     Chapter 2

                       1.      Examples of a submissive mind following the pattern of the selflessness of                                             Christ

                       2.      What to think – Christ, the believer’s mind

               C.     Chapter 3

                       1.      Exhortations to a spiritual mind looking for the prize offered through the                                               suffering of Christ

                       2.      Why to continue – Christ, the believer’s goal

               D.    Chapter 4

                       1.      Enablement for a secure mind trusting the power of the sufficiency of Christ 

                       2.      Where to look – Christ, the believer’s strength

    VI.      Conclusion

               A.    John 15:5

               B.     2 Corinthians 3:4-6

               C.     John 6:63

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