The Christian life making excuses

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The Christian life making excuses

1. As offered by Adam for disobeying God

Gen. 3:12

2. As offered by Eve for disobeying God

Gen. 3:13

3. As offered by Lot for wanting to stay in doomed Sodom

Gen. 19:19

4. As offered by Moses for not wanting to go into Egypt

Exod. 3:11; 4:1, 10

5. As offered by Aaron for constructing the golden calf

Exod. 32:22–24

6. As offered by ten spies for not entering the Promised Land

Num. 13:31–33

7. As offered by Israel for wanting a king

1 Sam. 8:5

8. As offered by Saul for assuming priestly duties

1 Sam. 13:11–12

9. As offered by Saul for sparing an enemy God told him to destroy

1 Sam. 15:21

10. As offered by Elijah for hiding in a cave

1 Kings 19:10

11. As offered by three invited guests for not attending a wedding

Luke 14:18–20

12. As offered by an unfaithful servant for fruitless labor

Matt. 25:24–25

13. As offered by Felix for not accepting Christ

Acts 24:25

Willmington, H. L.: Willmington's Book of Bible Lists. Wheaton, Ill. : Tyndale House, 1987

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