Ready Set Grow # 4 Don't Take a Knife to a Gunfight

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ready set grow # 4

Don’t take a knife to a gunfight

20 July 2008

BIG IDEA grow as a believer into a successful person


What has you on the back foot? What is overwhelming you?

You – attitude, habit                 Family – marriage, raising kids

Finances – mortgage, bills, investments       Work – deadlines, getting ahead

Future – confusion, lack of clarity       Decisions – choices         School – bully, fitting in

Uni/TAFE – Semester Two, essays undone

COLOSSIAN CHURCH HAD A GUNFIGHT – Christ’s place in their thinking

Paul writes to give them bazookas to replace their puny knifes! He wants them to win this fight!

look up … JESUS CHRIST – king of kings

·       Col 2:9-10 When you go into a battle you need to know who has the best firepower, smartest strategists, high ground, highest morale – who holds all the advantages.

o      Jesus Christ is THE HEAD over ALL power & authority

o      In prayer place Christ  over your gunfight’s authority & power

o      EG work/study place gunfight – place Jesus over your circumstance

·       Don’t look elsewhere for spiritual power

o      Peter Bell spiritual leader of the Dockers

o      Anthony Robbins – self help guru, human capacity

o      Occult power - astrology charts, tarot cards, palm readings, psychic shows

look in … access the fire power

Sometimes it’s the enemy within that can defeat us – our attitudes, fears, anxieties,

Col 2:11 When you came to Christ, you were “circumcised,” but not by a physical procedure. Christ performed a spiritual circumcision—the cutting away of your sinful nature.

SINFUL NATURE = disposition to miss the mark & fall short of God’s glory

CUT OFF = Christ performs an operation by His Spirit, winning a crucial battle within us

(BAPTISM = outwardly declares this inward change)

RESULT = you get Holy Spirit firepower – new nature, new desires

EG family/relational gunfight – what do you need – courage, patience, strength to resist, love, forgiveness, kindness

look in … cleanse your heart

Col 2:13-14 forgiveness is available for all our sins!


You want to move forward in your finances

·       You see some one moving further &/or quicker than you

·       Jealousy grows … envy their success (rarely jealous of failure – I wish I was bankrupt!)

·       We could celebrate their success, connect with them but we envy them

·       Jealousy rots our bones, saps our energy, clouds our view – robs us of learning from them

1 John 1:9 confess your sins – expose them – get cleansed – a dirty heart is devil’s playground

look again … devil is defeated


a)         SATAN = adversary, oppose & resist your growth

b)         DEVIL = slanderer, slander God’s Word, nature & people

c)         TEMPTER = tempt, tempt you to settle for tantalising alternatives


Col 2:15 Roman victory parade - Satan has been neutralised – like ¾ time in last weekends Eagles/Dockers games – they could come back & win but in reality they are gone!

EG Scarborough destruction … take authority thru the name of Jesus Christ over the attacks of the devil … command him to depart!


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