The perfect picture of grace

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Luke 23:39-46

The perfect picture of Grace

The criminal who was forgiven

I.                   Exegesis

a.       Christ and the criminals are already condemned

b.      Even the criminal slanders Christ

c.       One of them understands          

                               i.      “Lord Remember me when you come….”

d.      “You will be with me…”

e.       Christ’s death (return to at end)

II.                Some have been taught that works save

a.      Our world teaches that work to earn something (we have a hard time grasping something free)

III.             In this passage displays the opposite

a.      What did this criminal do to deserve the Grace from Christ

                               i.      He showed faith in who Christ was

b.      Two Verses that display faith and not deeds

                               i.      Romans 3:28

                             ii.      Ephesians 2:8

IV.             Christ Death

a.      No record of deeds from the criminal

b.      But a record of grace through faith

V.                Please think about this on your own.

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