John 4 1-42

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John 4:1-42

“The contrast could hardly be greater between Nicodemus and the woman at the well. One was a man, the other a woman; one was a Jew, the other a Samaritan; the one was a respected ruler, the other a social outcast; the one was seen as a moral man, the other an immoral woman; the one came to Jesus by night, the other came at mid-day; the one had no arguments, only wondering how, the other was full of questions and debate; the one was cautious, the other bold; the one did not seem to know what he wanted, the other knew only too well; the one fades out of the story unnoticed, the other went back to her crowd and brought them all to Jesus.” Two very different people, two very different experiences, yet what did they have in common? The answer, one very loving and compassionate Savior that took time for them both.

The Purposeful Trip - v.1-6

            “I must needs go through Samaria”

                        It was part of the plan

                        Literally it was a “necessary way”

“Jews would always avoid Samaria. They would cross the Jordan River and make a long detour to avoid contaminating themselves with any contact with Samaritans.”

The Presentation of the Truth - v.7-26


                        7-10 -

                        11-14 - Grace of Christ

                        15-16 & 17-18 - Omniscience of Christ

                        19-24 - Worship is due Christ

                        25-26 - Divinity of Christ

                                    Ex. 3:14; John 8:58


The Point Missed - v. 27-34

            Why were you talking to that Samaritan woman?

            Another Conversation

Eat - v. 31

I have food - v. 32

Where did He get this food - v. 33

My food is to do God’s work - v. 34

            Follow His example


The People in Need - v. 35-38

As He looked over the fields, he also saw the people coming from the city, they were white unto harvest

The Power of the Truth - v. 39-42

            They were brought - v. 29-30

            They believed because of her testimony to them - v. 39-40

            They believed because of His word - v. 41-42

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