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Our Purpose (Five E's)

The biblical mandate for the membership of New Hope Bible Church is to honor and glorify God in every aspect of life and ministry. We will endeavor to accomplish this mission by embodying the very same goals the early church sought to fulfill (Acts 2:42-47).

Exalting the Lord through God-centered worship that magnifies Him. Worship should be based upon truth and offered with sincerity of heart. - 2:43,47

Edifying the Body of Christ through preaching, teaching, and discipleship. The Lord has given the church and home the responsibility to aid each believer in the progressive transformation of the whole person toward the character, values, motives, and attitudes of Jesus Christ. 2:42,46

Evangelizing the lost through the proclamation of the Gospel at home and abroad. Each member is encouraged to faithfully proclaim and live out the Gospel in his or her sphere of influence. - 2:41,47

Encouraging one another through relationships that reflect a commitment to demonstrating the love of Christ. Fellowship is more than just social gatherings. It is a desire to work toward presenting everyone perfect in Christ. - 2:42,45

Equipping one another with the right attitudes and tools so that each member is involved in ministering to others. We seek to develop an attitude of service bent on meeting the needs of people and doing good to all men. - 2:42,46

1. PRAYER (Acts 2:42)
2. WORSHIP (Acts 2:43,47)
3. MISSIONS (Acts 2:41,47)
4. DISCIPLESHIP (Acts 2:42)                                                                                                             5. FELLOWSHIP (Acts 2:42)                                                                                                                 6. MINISTRY (Acts 2:44-45)
7. STEWARDSHIP (Acts 2:45)

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