Scheme of God

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Scheme of God’s Revelation


            This Book is a unity, though diverse. It has: One theme ( Salvation or Redemption)

                                                                                   One main character (Jesus Christ)

                                                                                   One message

                                                                                   One Author (the Holy Spirit)

            G. Campbell Morgan said that the study of the Bible is like the study of Geography

                        There are two hemispheres: Old Testament

                                                                     New Testament (the new is in the old concealed, the old is in the new revealed)

                        There are nine divisions:      OT    1. Law (Pentateuch penta means “5”)

                                                                               2. History

                                                                               3. Poetry

                                                                               4. Major Prophets

                                                                               5. Minor Prophets

                                                                     NT     1. Biography

                                                                               2. History (1)

                                                                               3. Epistles (21) (pauline, general, prison, pastoral)

                                                                               4. Apocalyptic

I.                   Bible as a whole

a.       Genesis – beginnings

b.      Revelation – consummation

II.                Old Testament

a.       The Law

                                                              i.      Contents –  

                                                            ii.      Problem – lack of holiness

                                                          iii.      Function – teach the need of a perfect priest

b.      The Historical books

                                                              i.      Contents

                                                            ii.      Problem – failed human leadership

                                                          iii.      Function

c.       The

                                                              i.      Contents

                                                            ii.      Problem

                                                          iii.      Function

d.      Observations

                                                              i.      The Old Testament ends with a

                                                            ii.      Key Word for OT is

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