Notes & Transcripts

 ·  Examples

o   David and Jonathan

§  1 Samuel 20:12-17

o   Jesus and his disciples

§  John 15:9-15

o   Job and his friends

§  Job 2:11-13

§  Job 16:2-5; 19:1-6

·  What do we see in these stories?

o   David and Jonathan

§  They loved each other as they loved themselves

§  They looked out for each other

§  They were committed to each other

§  They loved each other

o   Jesus and his disciples

§  Jesus included his friends

§  Did not consider them servants

§  Served them

§  Laid his life down for them

o   Job and his friends

§  Had great intentions

§  Quickly turned it into something horrible

§  Made Job’s life even more miserable

§  This is a bad example of a friend

§  Confrontation is a part of friendship

· This goes with looking out for each other

· Questions

o   Who is your best friend? Why? What similarities are there between your relationship and the ones we looked at tonight?

o   Is there some way that you aren’t being a very good friend to someone who’s close to you? What will you do to fix that?

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