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Notes & Transcripts

· What have we talked about?

o   Family

o   Friends

o   Enemies

o   Who’s left?

§  Luke 10:25-28

§  Love God…Love your neighbor‼

·       Who’s your neighbor?

o   Next door?

o   Guy in the car next to you?

o   Kid who sits next to you at school?

o   What did Jesus say?

§  Luke 10:29-37

§  Your neighbor is everyone you come into contact with.

§  That includes the people next to you…goes further‼

·       Discussion time

o   I want you to talk about how to apply this to your life‼

§  You know your life better than I do!

o   Questions

§  Why does God tell us to love our neighbor?

§  What are some churchy answers to this question: “How can you love your neighbor?”

§  What are some real-life answers to this question: “How can you love your neighbor?”

§  What’s something you regularly do to love your neighbor?

§  Open up and be transparent: What is one time that you have missed a chance to love a neighbor? How did you feel after that?

§  Who is a neighbor in your life that is hard to love?

§  What is one specific thing that you can do for him or her to love them?

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