Way to Life-Genesis 1

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Lesson 3 - The Way to Life Bible Study

Understand the Basis and Source of All Reality: Introducing God, the Universe, and Humankind (continued)

Here is a list of all of the good things God gave to humans, and a list of all that he withheld from them.  How do the lists compare?


                        Things God gave                                           Things God withheld


            the whole earth to subdue

            rule over every living creature

            every plant for food

            the Garden of Eden

access to the Tree of Life                                         access to the Tree of the

a “helper” – marriage/friendship                          knowledge of good and evil


2)        Adam and Eve had to choose to do, or not do, what God wanted.

a.       Why was this choice given to them?

b.      Why did God put that tree in the Garden?

c.       Why was it necessary for beings to be ordered not to take something?

d.      What good result could that have for them?

3)        Was it proper for Adam and Eve to take the fruit, which God had told them        not to take? Should they have treated God that way?  Why, or why not?

4)        What do you think made Adam & Eve do it?

5-7)        What were the effects of their actions?

8-9)        How did God respond to their actions?

10)      Do you think that people today are like Adam and his wife?  Do the same kinds of things happen today between people and God?                          

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