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Lesson 2

Understand the Basis and Source of All Reality: Introducing God, the      Universe, and Humankind

1)  What thoughts do you have after reading this report of the creation of the universe?  What questions do you have?

3)   There are many theories about the origin of the world.  Each of these theories have different processes and outcomes.  After reading Genesis 1 and 2 which of these describes creation?

Loss of organization.                           Or                    Increasing order and complexity

Static state (cyclical change              Or                    Progressive development toward a

 returns to                                                                  goal or plan

the starting point,                                         

producing nothing new)

Random, accidental happenings                       Or                    Intelligent design

with no purpose or direction

Independent universe                         Or                    Dependent universe

(one that exists and runs on its own)

No authority, or basis for                               Or                    Levels of authority 

authority, in the world                                                           

5 )   From Genesis 1, can you tell why the universe exists?

6)   What do you notice about the way that God created man versus the way that He created animals, plants, and everything else. 

7)     List the differences between man/humans and everything else that God created

      Open book exam  J  Genesis 1:24, 26-28 and Genesis 2:7, 16, 17

      So, Adam and his wife, Eve and you and I, are not just the same kind of beings as trees and animals.  We are more closely related to God.  How does that make you feel about yourself as a human being?  Do you think there is a reason why we are different?

10) How does the story of creation affect the way we (and the world)  view  life?

      How do other theories affect the way we (and the world) view life?

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