5 Certain and Unshakable Truths

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5 Certain and Unshakable Truths

1. God has a purpose for your life. Your birth, life, and death are at God’s discretion and mercy. He is not trying to play hide-and-seek with His will for your life. There are no accidents in His plan for your life.
2. God is in control. God is not on vacation. All the resources of Heaven are at His disposal.
3. God is sovereign. Nothing in the universe can thwart or frustrate His plans for mankind. He is not caught off-guard nor is he ringing His hands in anxiety as history unfolds.
4. God’s Word is without error and fully dependable. For thousands of years the best minds of the world have attempted to discredit the Bible, to no avail. That which He has declared will come to pass.                                                                                                                                      

5. Christ’s work on the cross has provided for your life, future, inheritance, and destiny. His blood forgives. His blood protects. His blood has bought you and canceled all the works of the enemy against your life.

                                                        Sermon Notes


1 Kings 17:1-15

1.    The Test of Faithful Instructions





              He Has Not Misplaced You



              He is Aware of the Pain of Travel




2.    The Test of First Impressions

                    God knows where you are and where you are going!



                  He couldn’t rely on the visible; he had to learn to see in the invisible.




3.    The Test of Physical Impossibilities

            God wants to exhaust all of our resources, and that will lead to death.



            Test God. Put Him first.


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