The Examinaton of Conscience

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1.    I am the Lord your God.  You shall not  have strange gods before me.

Do I make time to be with God each day?

Do I seek to "Love" Him with my whole heart and "surrender" myself and talents to His will?

Do I  place God above my desire/love of money, possessions or people?

2.    You shall not take the name of the Lord in vain.

Have I used God's name or called upon Him without reverence?

3.     Remember to keep holy the Lord's day.

Do I spend time worshiping and building upon my relationship with God each Sunday?

Do I make Sunday's a "family day"  to build or  restore important relationships?

4.   Honor your father and mother.

Do I honor my parents - with my actions, my words to them and my heart?

Do I neglect my duties and responsibilities to care, nurture and support my relatives (parents, spouse, children)?

Do I bring God's peace and love into my house?

5.   You shall not kill.

Do I foster a spirit of anger  and "unforgivness" towards others?

Do I judge others and wish misfortune upon them?

Do I kill or damage people's hopes, spirit, joy or spiritual journey?

Have I killed or supported the killing of another person - abortion?

6.   You shall not commit adultry.

Am I completely Faithful to my spouse with my "Thought" and "Actions"?

Have I participated/engaged in sexual activities or thoughts outside of my marriage?

Am I careful to keep my thoughts pure and not be open to ponography or sexual temptation ?

7.   You shall not Steal.

Do I steal or cheat others out of what is not mine. By example,  property, ideas, software, tax payments, cable fees, tolls, recognition of others.

Do I steal from my employer by wasting time and being unproductive?

Do I steal from my family by gambling or wasting family resources?

Have I made complete restitution from my stealing - such that it is pleasing to God?

8.    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Do I speak negatively or critically about others and not respect them as a "Temple" of God's spirit?

Do I  gossip or fail to keep confidences?


9.   You shall not desire your neighbors wife.

Do I consent to impure thoughts and foster impure desires?

Do I seek God's help immediately to banish impure thoughts and temptations?

10.   You shall not desire your neighbors goods.

Is the accumulation of material possessions and money the focus - purpose of my life?

Am I greedy or selfish with my possessions, talents, time?

Do I compare or measure myself (wife, children, etc) against the accomplishments, possessions or status or talents of others?


Have a confessor who will provide you with spiritual direction.

Have a person or small group of people committed to help you grow in holiness and hold you accountable to your conscience.

Seek ways to lead others to God and help them with their personal walk toward God - holiness.


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