John 10 31-38

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Well, they stopped using hostile words, they moved onto weapons - stones held in clenched hands, ready to be used against Jesus…

The Jewish Law said that anyone who spoke against God Almighty must be stoned. And the Jews were eager to carry out this punishment on Jesus, who so calmly stood before them now.

Then he spoke, & when he did, he pulled the carpet out from under them! They can’t answer him… all they can do is to say again that he’s a blasphemer!

Yet everything he’d ever done, came from a loving heart. He healed, he helped and he restored the people he came into contact with.

There could be no doubt that this Jesus was a good man. And so Jesus challenged them to judge his actions! If they could find fault, then they should not believe him. But if Jesus was performing the works of God, then they should recognize God at work through him.

Jesus is asking them to look and see but, blinded by there prejudices - they can’t face the truth…  Of course there are times when it’s hard to face the truth in our own lives. Have there been times when we’ve developed tunnel vision when it suited us, or have we been bold enough to see Jesus standing before us, beckoning us ever onwards.

Dare we drop our defences and open ourselves up to him, no matter what that might mean in our lives?

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