The Reality of a Trusting Heart

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The Reality of a Trusting Heart
by Stephen F. Olford
Text: Proverbs 3:5-6
Topic: What it means to trust in God
Big Idea: Trusting in God means to live with complete and utter devotion to him.
Keywords: Trust; Wholehearted Devotion; Dedication; Self-Denial

Introduction: * Without faith, the Christian life is impossible (Heb. 11:6)

The trusting heart makes a decision. * A decision to completely capitulate to God.
-The decision must be a total commitment of trust, from beginning to end. (Col. 2:6)
-Illustration: Olford tells a detailed story of his early rebellion against and conversion to God.

  • A decision to completely renounce the self.
  • Illustration:The gospel story of the man who wanted to bury his father rather than follow Jesus shows the man was attached to self.

A trusting heart is completely devoted. * Devoted to knowing the presence of Christ daily.

  • Illustration: The Old Testament story of Abraham is shows complete devotion.
    -We have to be careful about doing this, though.
    -Illustration: Oswald Chambers gets quietly questioned about his witnessing to a farmer.
  • Devoted to seeking the pleasure of Christ daily.

A trusting heart has direction. * The Lord will give us clear direction.

  • Illustration: Olford explains that he left pulpit ministry on faith, but he trusts that God will direct his paths.
  • The Lord will give us grace to walk in his direction.
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