Doing Well and Feeling Good

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Proposition: Today's culture looks for the get rich quick opportunity. Short cuts and half steps are only false senses of security. If you want to have real peace and joy, then do what's right and do it the right way.

Introduction: Free Money

  • Hand up vs. Hand out
  • No Diet or Exercise needed
  • Work at home and make $5,000 a week

I. Who the Psalmist is talking about?

(Point out the contrast between who the psalmist is talking about and who he is not)

  • Those that fear the Lord
  • Those that walk in the way of the Lord
  • Those that eat the labor of their own hands

II. What the Psalmist talking about?

(Contrast opposites)

  • Blessedness
  • Happiness
  • Joy

Conclusion: Psalms 73:16-17 - Then I understood their end.

(Explain Asaph's emotional state in a way that most will be able to identify with)

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