Surviving the Holidays

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Handling the Holiday Hassles

Having a Holy Holiday….and Being Happy!

REMEMBER: one of your favorite holiday memories…

            What made that holiday so special?

            What about that holiday would you like to recreate this season?

            What is irritating about the holidays?

Dealing with the FOOI that the holidays bring.

FOOI = Family Of Orgin Issues

In order to have a happy holiday, we must have a holy holiday.

We have a holy holiday by:

A.  Gaining Perspective

James 1:2-5

1.      Real Joy

2.      Trials

3.      Faith Testing = Being like Christ

4.      Pray for Wisdom

B.  Gaining Insight

What you are aware of you can change. What you are not aware of controls you.

Irritating people tell you as much about yourself than they do themselves.

1.  Irritating people could be your:



2.  Anxiety & Stress caused by unmet expectations




3.  Communicate Clearly

4.  Understand your boundaries. Let other peoples’ problems be their problems, not your.

C.  Gaining Freedom

Four basic options for dealing with people who have hurt you:

1.      Get Even

2.      Suppress Your Anger

3.      Rise Above It

4.      Forgive Completely

“Forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Lk 6:37)

                        “Forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors” (Matt 6:12)

                        Matt 18:23-35; Mk 11:25

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