Experience in Africa

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How has God grown me in Him through living in Africa?

Definition of "Experience":

Experience in the life of a believer, though at the base being one's "spiritual base/growth" is best defined by describing what it is not. Experience is NOT the occurance or accumulation of events nor sensations in life. It is not a willful change in behaviors nor the having or gaining of knowledge or faith as commonly defined ("belief"). It refers to the relationship itself... to the exestential love that God puts within you. This, though out of need communicated in relation to spiritual characteristics and disciplines, is NOT dirrectly tied to them. It is a gift of God. God does, however, describe some pre-cursers that He awaits before giving it. (soteriology... at least the rejection of soteriology that rejects Him)

Sermon text with italics and bold and John 3:16 and v. 20.

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