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Overcoming Obstacles  Num. 13:1,2; 13:18-32       EBC  Sunday School   1/18/09

  One of the tools that Satan has much victory with is the tool of obstacles. Merriam Webster Dictionary defines obstacles as to stand in the way of or to stand in front of, to impede progress.  How many obstacles have you faced this past week? Those things that impeded your progress with the Lord. We let obstacles block our view of God.

  Charles Stanley- in reality, if God has called us to do something, the only hindrance is between our temples.  God has already planned a way around or thru the obstacle that is in the way of doing his will. When we give in to fear and refuse to move forward we miss out on the great reward found in God’s will.

  Did God know about the obstacles the people would face? What a surprise to the people when 10 of the twelve spies came back with a negative report.

I. Obstacles are allowed to increase our focus on God’s Promises

  A. Gen. 12:7- God told this to Abraham

  B. What were the 10 spies focusing on?

    1. 13:28a- strength of the enemy. How many times when called upon to do a task by God our first thought is on Satan instead of God

      a. Remember Moses when called to lead the people out of Egypt he made excuses. He was looking to the obstacles.

     2. 13:28b- condition of the cities. “The cities are walled and are great (mighty).

     3. 13:28d- size of the enemy- the opposition’s size is always a killer. Look at football game programs. The programs never list whether or not the player knows his ABC’s, or can count- but always list their size. That has a great impact on the opposing team.

     4. 13:29- numbers of the enemy- the whole country was filled with Israel’s enemy.

  C. What should they have been focusing on? The miracles the Lord had already done. 1 Sam. 17:34-37. So much of the times we don’t get victory because we lose our steady focus.

     1. Ex. 12:30-31- How the Lord had changed Pharaoh’s heart

     2. Ex. 12:35-36- How the Lord had materially blessed them

     3. Ex. 13:17-21- How the Lord had led them.

        a. The Lord led them day and night.

        b. 14:1-2- Pihahiroth, Migdol- mountain regions. Lord led them to go between the mountains and  the Sea. The Lord knew the Israelites would need another lesson in faith.

           1. 14:4-14- sometimes the Lord has to lead us on detours for his glory.

           2. 14:21-28- The Lord killed all the Egyptians

       4. Ex. 15:22-27; 16:3,4,15- How the Lord had met their needs

II. The Bigger the blessing the Greater the Obstacle

A.      Num. 13:23-


III. Results of Disobedience

A.      Num. 17:11-12,23-24,27-29- no one above the age of 20 was allowed in the Promise Land

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