God Is Looking Out For You

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Psalms 37:23-25


Times are hard....."The understatement of the year!"

  • 850,000,000,000.00 worth of stimulus money that may or may not reach us in time to help us out.
  • Fortune 500 companies folding.
  • American jobs being shipped overseas.
  • Banks running out of money
  • The housing market causing record foreclosures.

People are suffering from an ecomony that has hit rock bottom. And just when you think that things cannot get any worse, the jobs report for the month of January is released and we are made aware that more than 100,000 people now have no current income and are now in danger of losing everything that they have worked so hard for. People who have lived for decades are reporting that they have never seen a day like this one. Now the question becomes, " What hope is there for my tomorrow?" Is it realistic to believe that tomorrow is going to be better than yesterday? And because hope seems to be fading daily, people are turning to drastic measures to ease the pain of the situation. One man lost his job and fell on hard times and thought it easier to kill his five children and his wife and himself rather than work through it and hold on until the sun peeked through the clouds again. When hope is lost, what is the motivation to keep going?

Many people are looking to our new President to solve all of this country's problems. But the truth is that he may have a good idea, but ....."except the Lord build a house, they that labour labour in vain". If anything is going to change, God's going to have to bring us out. And even though it's easier said than done, you can't let this shake you, because the Bible assures us that God still has it all under control. He is still the One Who setteth up and the One Who increases as He sees fit. You just have to have a willed determination that you won't allow the instability in the economy to bring instability in your faith. Because God is still faithful.

Education Is Not Enough

This is such a widespread issue that now nobody is safe.

  • People with degrees are now on the street.
  • Educated people who can't find a job to save their lives.
  • People who graduated from ivy league institutions who are now being told that they have no place in the company.
  • This is why education is not enough, you need God to make it in this hour.

This Is Why My Trust Is In God!

Faith in God will shield you against the power of the circumstance against you. Faith will even overpower your worry! And Jesus says in Matthew 6:25-33.....Why worry about food and drink and clothing? Because all of these things are within the providencial care of a concerned Creator.

Now Unto Him That Is Able To Do.....

Jehovah Jireh Means The God Who Supplies All Your Needs.

When Abraham was looking for a sacrifice to replace his son on the altar, he turns around and see how God has provided for the sacrifice, he called the place JEHOVAH JIREH.

  • And today He is still Jehovah Jireh who will take care of all of your needs.
  • No wonder David says that I once was young and now I'm old. Yet I've never seen the righteous forsaken, his seed begging bread.
  • Which is there to let you know that GOD IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU!!!!!!!!
    1. If God is going to take care of anyone it's going to be those that are the Children of the Kingdon.

Some Kind Of Way, It's Going To Work Out For You!

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