Baby Dedication and Blessing (1)

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Father's pronouncement of blessing:

Father, Your Word declares that children are an inheritance from You and promises peace when he/she is taught in Your ways.  Today I speak a blessing over ______________, that he/she would desire to follow the path You would choose. 

Father, I confess Your word this day over ___________________.  I thank you your Word goes out and will not return unto You void, but will accomplish what it says it will do. 

Heavenly Father, I commit myself, as a parent, to train __________________ in the way he/she should go, trusting in the promise that he/she will not depart from Your ways, but will grow and prosper in them.

I will not provoke my children, but will nurture and love them in Your care.  I thank You that as ________________ matures he/she will remember You and not pass by the opportunity of a relationship with Your Son, Jesus.  I speak Your great blessings will be upon _________________ for keeping Your ways.

I speak blessings over every area of __________________'s life. 

Father, I speak protection over _______________, that you give your angels charge over my children to accompany them and defend and preserve them in all their ways.  Lord, you are their refuge and fortress.

I pray that just as Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, You would bless them with the same wisdom and pour out Your favor and wisdom openly upon them.

I speak a blessing and praise you in advance for __________________ future.

 Father, Your word declares that You desire for children to be pure and honorable; 

 Continue to prepare___________________ to be the man and woman You desire them to be.

______________________ shall be diligent and hard-working, never being lazy or undisciplined. 

I proclaim that _____________________ shall receive the promise of life and all that is to come.

In the Holy name of Jesus Christ,  Amen

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