It'll be Ok

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My first attempt at home ownership almost ended in disaster. I bought a repossessed house in LaVergne, Tennessee, only to find out that everyone’s water drained into my back yard. I had never known that I had actually purchased lake front property till the spring rains came and I had to wade through my driveway to get to my car. Needless to say, when I managed to sell that home, with full disclosure, to someone else (at a loss, I might add), I vowed never again to buy a piece of property that was in any danger of ever flooding. From now on, any house I bought would have to be on the highest hill in town.

But there years passed, and we moved to Wilson. When we first came here, we lived in an apartment for about three or four months. We just couldn’t find a home we were really happy with that we could actually afford. We looked all over town. Finally we found a relo. That’s a relo not a repo. It was a house that was being offered at a very good price by a relocation company. There was only one thing about the home. It wasn’t on a hill. In fact, it was sort of down on the bottom of a cul-de-sac that was a pretty low area. Still the price was good, so I thought to myself, “It’ll be ok.”

I found out that there was one corner of my lot that was actually in the flood plain, but everyone told me that lots of house in Wilson were on the flood plain. Besides, it was only a corner of the lot and I didn’t even have to have flood insurance. I thought, “It’ll be ok”.

When I rode back behind the cul-de-sac in the swamp that backed up to the end of our street I noticed that the man hole covers stuck way up in the air. But I told myself, “It’ll be ok.”

I even asked the neighbors if they’d ever had a flood and you know what they said? “It’ll be ok”

And it was ok. For six years I lived there from 1993 till 1999 and all the while I told myself, “It’ll be ok.” But then came Hurricane Floyd, and guess what? It wasn’t ok. You see, for six years I had suspected that I might have a problem, but in my desire to have the home at a good price, I told myself “it’ll be ok.”


That’s the way we do with our sin. We say,

I know that living together before marriage is not what God says I should do, but “it’ll be ok.”

I know that I shouldn’t cheat on my taxes. I know God tells me to be honest, but the government is so rotten, “it’ll be ok.”

I know I shouldn’t look at porn on the internet. I know God calls that adultery, but at least I’m not involving another person, “it’ll be ok.”

I know I shouldn’t charge all that stuff up on my credit card. I know its like idolatry to want something I don’t really need so bad that I’m willing to mortgage my future, but how else am I going to get the 60' flat screen? “it’ll be ok.”

I know I shouldn’t divorce my husband. I know the Bible doesn’t give me actual permission, but my circumstances are so different. How else will I teach him to respect me, “it’ll be ok.”

And we say, “ I know I shouldn’t put off receiving Christ as my Savior. I know I am not promised tomorrow, and I could drop dead today, but certainly God would not send a person like me to hell, “it’ll be ok!”

But there’s a hurricane coming. Just like Saul was rejected from being the king of Israel, God will reject you if you go on in your disobedience. The flood’s on the way, and no matter how many times you tell yourself, “it’ll be ok,” IT WON’T BE OK!

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