Colossians: Christ, Not Carnality

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Theme: Minimizing man to maximize our Christ. Col. 2:1-8


A.     What many Christians fail to realize is that ALL glory, power, and dominion belongs to our Savior Jesus Christ.

1.      It is so easy to believe and/or say that until our lives show otherwise.

2.      When we live to fulfill our selfish desires we minimize His kingship over us.

3.      When we create man-made commandments we minimize not only His kingship but His covenant of grace.

B.     We need to learn (practically in/through our lives) how:

1.      To give all glory and honor to our Lord through our worship, service, and proclamation of His wonderful name.

2.      To do this we’ll need to break down the worldly strongholds (through man-made teachings and selfish lifestyles) that minimize Christ and maximize the flesh.

I.             It’s All About Jesus Christ

A.     Being filled with the knowledge of His will. 1:8-11

1.      So that we can walk worthy of the Lord.

2.      Please Him in all respects.

3.      Bearing fruit in every good work.

4.      Increasing in the knowledge of God.

5.      Strengthened with all power… for the attaining of all steadfastness and patience.

B.     Because He rescued and transferred us from the domain of darkness to His kingdom. 1:13-29

1.      In Christ we have redemption: the forgiveness of sins. V. 13-14

2.      He has all preeminence: All things created by/for Him of which/whom He is over. V. 15-20

3.      Through His preeminence He reconciled all (believing) sinners to Him. V. 21-23

C.     Paul’s reasons for proclaiming (preach, evangelize) HIM. V. 24-28

1.      To share in the afflictions intended for Christ.

2.      Preach the mystery of Christ to make known the riches found in Him.

3.      Admonish and Teach every man to present him complete in Christ.

II.          It’s Not About Man’s Carnal Wisdom/Practices Ch. 2

A.     Be careful not to be deceived by persuasive argumentation. V. 8 (cp. 1 Tim. 6:20; 2 Cor. 10:5)

B.     That God is Spirit (good) and not flesh (evil): therefore, Jesus did not come in the flesh.

C.     Paul answers the persuasive speech of those who are truly enemies of Christ. V. 8-10

D.     He reminds Christians of His saving grace in their lives. V. 11-15

E.      He then cautions them against those who would shackle their lives with man-made laws. V. 16-23

III.       Conclusion: grow in Him by putting on the new man. Ch. 3

A.     Seeking things above because that is where we live. Cp. Phil. 3:19-20

B.     Therefore, we must consider our (fleshly) members as dead. V. 5-9 (cp. Rom. 7:14ff)

C.     This new man grows into everything Christ represents: the righteousness of God. V. 10-14

D.     Summary:

1.      Let the peace of Christ rule in (over) your hearts. V. 15

2.      Let God’s word richly dwell in you: teaching and admonishing one another. V. 16

3.      Whatever you do (cp. 1 Cor. 10:31) do all in the name of the Lord…giving thanks. V. 17

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